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In turbulent times like these, it is particularly important for many people to take measures to protect their personal safety. Stab protection vests offer effective protection for life and limb. In the past, however, these have often been heavy and uncomfortable. This is not the case with these innovative stab protection vests. Our stab protection vests are:

Particularly safe due to high-strength aramid fabric with patented composite structure. Extremely light at only +/- 1.3kilograms. Are exceptionally flexible thanks to their scaly structure. Breathable and comfortable due to the special mesh structure of the outer fabric.

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Self defence products are becoming an unfortunate necessity within our lives. There are various product on the market which can provide a life line during a moment of crisis. We have identified a number of items which can deter an aggressor from carrying out their intended crime.

These self defence products range from non-lethal projectiles to pepper spray. Self defence products provide you with a non-lethal options to protect yourself against an immediate threat and get to a place of safety.

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